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All the Data
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There are thousands of signals and data on your competitors and their marketing strategy scattered on the web.

We get this data and delivers it through a unique access point.


Surpass your competitors
thanks to our insights

Our algorithms analyse the data to provide you with relevant benchmarks and insights on your competitors strategy.

Avoid your competitors mistakes and learn from their success.


Get a 360° Marketing Vision



Monitor modifications on key pages, detect new pages (landings, content, etc.)



Get alerted for each new ad campaign and access an Ads library updated in real time.


PR & Content

Track every brand mentions in the press and your competitors blog activity.


Social Media

Every social activity in a single Hub with analytics dashboards.


Search Marketing

Analyse SEO and SEA market shares. Find new keywords & backlinks opportunities.

Reviews & E-reputation

Analyse customer reviews as well as employees.

Our solutions
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  • Social Hub & Analytics
  • Ads Library
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